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Autumn Equinox A Time To Reconnect With YOU!


The autumn, or fall, equinox is today! Anyone who knows me knows that this is my favorite time of the year. I love the colors, the smells, the crispness in the air, I love the time to get back into routines after the craziness of summer and Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. As herbalists we [...]

Autumn Equinox A Time To Reconnect With YOU!2018-11-06T19:36:28-07:00

Stress & Anxiety – An Offer to Transform


Studies show good health is all important These are two of the most common buzz words in our society today and it seems as though some people wear them as a badge of honor at times. It’s as though they are proving they are being productive in their lives if they are stressed and [...]

Stress & Anxiety – An Offer to Transform2018-11-05T17:23:51-07:00