The autumn, or fall, equinox is today! Anyone who knows me knows that this is my favorite time of the year. I love the colors, the smells, the crispness in the air, I love the time to get back into routines after the craziness of summer and Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

As herbalists we learn to live our lives in sync with the nature of the seasons. Fall is a time of reaping the benefits of the seeds we planted in spring and the action of growing in the summer. This is a time to nourish ourselves with the harvest we have created, to give thanks for that creation and move into the energy of cleaning up and settling in for the winter months to come and go inward.

The equinox is a time of balance, when we have the same amount of light and dark hours. It is a time to bring ourselves back into balance. To reflect on the first half of the year and figure out what has served us and what may have not served us so well, like what we want to keep in our gardens for the following year and what we may not want to plant again. It’s a time to gain perspective on our lives and let go of old patterns of what doesn’t serve us for our highest and best life that we want to create.

This time can also be a time of franticness, trying to fit in everything we think we need in our lives and get back into a routine. It can become overwhelming and we end up just stressing ourselves out trying to do it all. This should be a time to take moments to sit with yourself and really feel into what it is that YOU need, not what others want you to be or need from you. Are you living your life based on what others “think” you should be or look like? Are your interests and wants really aligned with what’s in your heart?

Think about your basic needs of food and water. Do you get so caught up in your day to day activities, of being addicted to busyness to try to prove yourself that you forget to drink water or eat lunch? Who is that serving, certainly not your self, not your own body for optimal health. Think about your most destructive habits in your day. Do you go for that coffee in the morning to “fit in” with the crowd or grab that drink after work to do the same? Sit with that, is this what your body really needs? Do you compensate and think, I’ll drink 4 glasses of water to counteract the dehydrating effect of the coffee? This is just cancelling it out, it isn’t actually nourishing and nurturing you. I heard this the other day and I think its brilliant, a master is someone who is never too busy to meet their own needs. A victim is too distracted to consider, comprehend and fulfill their own needs. If we don’t fulfill our own needs we put that job on to other people and then end up resenting them when they can’t fulfill them, talk about sabotaging relationships! Be aware of who you are supposed to take care of – YOU!!!

We behave like this when we think we have no value. If we don’t value ourselves we don’t give ourselves what we need and instead fantasize about what we want and believe that once we have that then we will have value. You may be totally unconscious of this but this is often one of the most common belief systems we hold in our subconscious minds, which run our day to day lives 95% of the time. The more you can truly look at this the more you can cultivate value for yourself and the more you will cultivate friends and relationships who truly value YOU.

Today being the fall equinox and a time of change take the time to pay attention, everything has its purpose, including the changing of the seasons. They remind us to not allow our own selves to become stagnant. We all have things that serve us for a time but at a certain point they may no longer be for our highest and best interests. What should you be releasing? What are you hanging onto and not letting go out of fear? Take the time today to honor what you are releasing for it has served a beautiful purpose in your life. Whether it was a positive or negative experience you have brought learning and wisdom to yourself through these scenarios.

Decide to become conscious and live your life from that state instead of a state of unconsciousness and on auto pilot. Learn to know yourself deeply, honestly and truthfully and create the life that you desire in your heart. Be mindful and present today, shut off your technologies for a while and go for a walk in nature. Be mindful of the color of the sky, the leaves and the smells of this beautiful season and ask yourself, what do I need to release and what do I need to bring in to nurture my true value and what I need and desire in my heart?

Connect with this beautiful season, reconnect with yourself and start to enjoy your journey. YOU are worth it!

In gratitude to guide you on your journey,


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