Project Description

Behind the qualitative picture of the blood lie the QUANTITATIVE numbers which “pushed” the picture into being what it is. It is these quantitative numbers that are the basis for Biological Terrain Assessment (FSA) and it is the numbers offered through this form of physiological biofeedback that lie behind the visual picture of blood which someone might view under the microscope.

To Prepare For This Procedure:

24 hours prior to testing – stop taking all alkalizing agents (green products, algae products, alkaline water, etc.) Stop taking any supplements. This includes herbal remedies, vitamins, minerals and homeopathic. Do NOT stop taking any prescribed medications from your doctor. DO NOT eat for 2 hours prior to testing, this includes gum and mints. Please DO drink water during this 2 hour period. You will leave your samples at the time of the appointment to be tested. Results will be ready in 1-3 days.

Price For Appointment:

$120 plus GST

Payment to be made in office after the appointment.

What Is Biological Terrain Assessment?

Biological Terrain Assessment (BTA) involves the testing of saliva and urine samples. A Biological Terrain Analysis provides data regarding electrolyte levels (the concentration of minerals), antioxidant/oxidation levels (how well your body is dealing with toxins), the balance of “healthy” fats vs. “bad” fats, complex sugar levels that may lead to hypo or hyperglycemic tendencies and ultimately pH balance. pH balance is a reflection of what is going on with all the other chemical processes.

The saliva measurements reflect liver function, since most of the saliva is lymph and most lymph fluid is produced in the liver.

The urine measurements reflect how well the kidneys are functioning. The kidneys filter the blood, so whatever is in the urine represents what the body has an excess or deficiency of.


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