Project Description

By observing living blood under a microscope, we get a real-time, dynamic and visual perspective of the state of our internal biological terrain or body ecology from a QUALITATIVE perspective.


There are many benefits to having your live and dried blood analysed. You can see how generally healthy you are, PH imbalances, indications of levels of toxicity, nutrient deficiency, free radical stress, the quality of your diet, how well any supplements may be working for you and how well your systems are working to detoxify your body.

Most importantly, for many people they can see for themselves the dynamic activity going on inside their body for the first time. Many people begin to understand the impact of their diet and lifestyle on their body and begin to grasp the need to commit to taking care of their health.

What You Can Expect:

  • Includes Live and Dried Blood Analysis, Iridology and Chinese Tongue Diagnosis

  • Approximately 1 hour visit
  • One-on-One consultation

  • What can be seen in your blood on a TV monitor, through a high powered microscope

  • Explanations of blood patterns and formations

  • Consultation regarding your health

  • Personalized health action recommendations

How Does It Work:

Live blood analysis allows you to view the red and white blood cells in the blood, the platelets and the blood plasma. Imbalances seen in the blood will affect organs and tissues leading to malfunction and eventually illness. If our red blood cells are not perfectly shaped, with a proper structure, flexibility and fluidity their ability to travel around the body and do their job is severely compromised. This leads to tissue levels of oxygen and nutrients falling, which translates to low energy, fatigue and a general sense of feeling unwell as well as more serious problems. Similarly, dried blood analysis can show levels of oxidative stress and toxicity in the body.

Based upon the observations a practitioner can recommend specific protocols to cleanse and rejuvenate your blood. This may include herbs, natural supplements and detoxification protocols as well as simple lifestyle and dietary suggestions. Follow up sessions are recommended after 3 to 5 months so you can see the difference.


To Prepare For This Procedure:

Please DO drink 8-16oz of pure water to be well hydrated. Please DO NOT eat for 2 hours prior to testing, this includes gum and mints.  

Price For Appointment:

$120 plus GST

Payment to be made in office after the appointment.

What Is Blood Analysis?

Live blood analysis is a screening test that can reveal distortions of red blood cells, which reflect nutritional status, especially low levels of iron, B12, folic acid and fatty acids. 

Incomplete or delayed digestion of fats and proteins can also be observed. In addition, liver stress and undesirable bacterial and fungal life forms may be revealed. Signs of parasites, and hormonal imbalances can also be detected.

Over 70 years of dried blood layer analysis, by hundreds of microscopists around the world, have helped practitioners to determine weaknesses in diet, nutrition and the pH balance. The dried test also helps determine imbalances in calcium/phosphorous levels; the conditions of the cell’s sodium/potassium pump efficiency, metal toxicity, bowel toxicity, degenerative or inflammation activity and mineral-enzyme-vitamin-amino acid deficiencies.

What Is Iridology?

Is the science and practice of analyzing the iris (the coloured portion of the eye).

It is the most complex tissue structure in the human anatomy. Iridology reveals the presence of tissue inflammation in the body, located and what stage it has reached: acute, chronic or degenerative. The iris reveals the level of constitutional strengths, inherent weaknesses, state of health and the transitions that take place in a person’s organs and tissues according to the way they live. (As written by Dr. Bernard Jensen)


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